Dunnfield Creek

I’m drawn to water.  The sound, the smell, the site of a flowing stream – of a resting pond.  I recently purchased a neutral density filter so I could photograph water while slowing it down – creating an affect that’s absolutely ethereal.

As I arrived at Dunnfield Creek.  I came upon the crystal clear mountain water running smoothly through the curvature of the landscape and navigating over and around the rocks and branches.  I entered the creek a close distance from the foot bridge.  I walked gently through the water waiting to find a place that felt right – that looked ideal for the type of photographs I wanted to create.

As I came upon the area of the creek that became my resting point, the sun, which was being filtered by small passing clouds throughout most of the morning, peeked through.  This was not the right time to open the shutter.    I wanted to wait for another cloud – another filter for the sun.

As I waited, I listened.  I heard the water running against its barriers.  I heard the birds singing their song.  I heard the wind whisper in my ear.  This is my serenity.

Once the clouds found their way between the sun and myself again, I opened the shutter.  Some seconds later, it was complete.  The moments of peace and serenity captured in time – for me – and for you…


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