I’ve been wanting to photograph my mother for quite some time (she’s the one on the right).  To get her in the studio is a daunting task.  I had the opportunity recently at a gathering taking place at my brothers’ home.  It took just a bit of schmoozing to get her to stand still for a shot.  Once I photographed her, I was convinced I had to photograph my brother’s mother-in-law (who also happened to be there).  Then, as the universe would have it, my wife’s grandmother came to visit and I asked to take a photograph of her.

These women have been through journey’s in their lives that would bring many men and women to tears.  Their stories are filled with joy, pain, creation, loss and so much more.  I would be kidding myself if I would say that I can capture all of their life experience in a photograph.  I am convinced, however, I provide you with a sense of respect, compassion, and honor for these women through the honesty of these photographs.


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