The Shadow Project

The Shadow is a piece of ourselves that we hide, repress, and deny. It’s the part of us that stays hidden. Creating relationships. Destroying them. Making decisions. For some of us, completely running our lives.

The Shadow Project is a unique experience. I explore, through questioning, what the term ‘shadow’ means to the subjects. During the interview, I photograph their expressions and emotions. The result is a powerful visual representation of their opposing truths and a deeper understanding of who they are.

After being photographed, I ask the subjects to write about their experience and what they saw or learned about themselves. I am humbled when I read about their discovery and to have had a chance to share in their introspection. My wish is that, through this experience, they will see more of, accept, and embrace their shadows.

My belief is that when we understand more about these parts of ourselves, we diffuse the power of the Shadow and reclaim that beauty that it holds. In my experience, understanding my shadows provides me a freedom – an understanding that everything that I am is beautiful, powerful, and loving.


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